The Blinkers

A blink is fine! Some of the most beautiful moments were captured just in a blink. A blink is the power to absorb a whole universe in a moment with hunger and passion while also being able to let so many things go away in their natural rhythm. A blink is like a heartbeat but it’s a pulsating anatomy aimed to keep alive the world outside of ourselves. It’s the chance to observe with attention and enjoy the moments as breakable fragilities despite their vigorous passing. And good moments do pass with style if we are to remember them.

StyleBlinkers is a blog just about that! It’s about captivity of beauty and style and the permit for passing away. It’s a blog about selectiveness that comes out of the limits of our eyes and their will to keep some moments of amazingness frozen. Well, it’s about taking good pictures too, it’s also a lot of talking about it and admiring the nasty creative skills in fashion and loving the people creating it, wearing it or observing it. But mostly it’s about looking around. Because that’s what we do!


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We learn by doing it

Love by seeing it

Share it as it comes!

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